Public Sector Reform

Over the last two decades, privatization processes have been well underway and the principle of having public goods and services provided by third party actors whenever possible has been widely acknowledged.

The main issue now is not to further reduce the role, scope and authority of the state, but to thoroughly review, strengthen and restructure public sector institutions and their relationships with public and private sector agencies.

Public sector reform aims to improve the effectiveness and accountability of public sector organizations, by structurally changing the existing public sector organizations and their roles in society.

Reforming the public sector can take place at the level of central agencies, sectoral organizations, public enterprises and local government bodies, or at the interface between public, private and voluntary sector organizations.

BG experts combine profound sectoral knowledge and conceptual strength with sensitivity and process facilitation skills. Our group has worked with and within government agencies for the last few years and has gained a realistic appreciation of the strengths, limitations and potential of public agencies. BG’s experts are operating at all levels of public sector reform and are able to provide services in the following areas:

  • Design and implementation of civil service reform
  • Public administration reform
  • Policy analysis and strategy development
  • Revamping human resources management of civil servants
  • Strategy development for deregulation and privatization
  • Analysis of stakeholders and facilitation of their interaction
  • Organizational review and reform
  • Decentralization and devolution
  • Developing public private partnerships
  • Capacity building at agency and sector level