Public Sector Management

More than resizing the public sector, the real challenge is to transform it into client-driven and result-oriented institutions. Technical assistance in the sphere of public sector management could contribute to this.

Public sector management aims to modernize and strengthen existing public sector agencies. Its focus can be on a specific public sector agency, a particular aspect of management (e.g. finance, information or human resources management), and/or a specific issue (e.g. cost recovery or accountability).

BG has an outstanding record in providing assistance to public agencies at all levels and in many sectors. Its experts have improved management arrangements, established financial and fiscal systems, developed management information and reporting systems, improved human resources management and trained civil servants.

BG has successfully improved the accountability of public sector agencies, for instance by introducing performance audit in various public sector institutions.

BG’s services with regard to public sector management cover the following areas:

  • Financial management and accounting
  • Training needs assessments, and organization/delivery of training
  • performance improvement programming
  • Revision of managerial procedures
  • Introduction of management information systems
  • Improvement of staff motivation, utilization and monitoring
  • Development, procurement and implementation of information systems
  • Strengthening capacity for policy implementation and monitoring
  • Performance auditing techniques