Public Sector Development

After decades of minimizing the role of Governments in the economy (by way of privatization, private provision of public goods, and general downsizing of the government apparatus), the state is being ‘rediscovered’.

There is growing consensus that the roles of the state, private sector and civil society complement each other. In this context, well-functioning public institutions are seen as pivotal to balanced and sustainable economic and social development. The challenge is to positively redefine the role of public agencies,

strengthen their capacity and accountability and establish effective linkages to other public and private sector agencies.

BG has been at the forefront of these developments. It has been directly involved in (re-) designing and introducing management tools and organizational arrangements for the public sector. BG has done ground breaking work in improving public sector accountability and has assisted governments in preparing and implementing more effective policies and strategies, in decentralizing functions, and in improving structures, management systems and human resources.

  • Public sector reform
  • Public sector management
  • Public finance
  • Policy development
  • Coordination and Management of Aid Programmes

BG does not claim to be able to do it all. It only pursues projects where it can make a substantial professional and social contribution that will last longer than its intervention. As a matter of principle, we always associate with local experts and organizations.

BG specifically operates in five areas of public sector development: