Public Finance

In the decades to come, economic activities will largely still directly or indirectly be controlled by various levels of government. Therefore, the contribution of the government budget to the functioning of the economy and the well-being of citizens remains a decisive issue.

Budgets have been used to stabilize the economy and as instruments of economic management. Important effects of budgets follow from its allocative functions (what is supplied by the public sector and to whom) and its distributive function (how is income distributed and redistributed).

There is increased awareness of the need to improve management of the budgetary process in order to ensure economic benefits and stability. Hence the focus on balancing expected expenditure with anticipated revenue, on planning and controlling public spending and on greater accountability and transparency of spending departments towards the general public.

  • Taxation policies
  • Regulatory framework
  • Public expenditure review
  • Fiscal management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Training and skills upgrading
  • Improving accountability and control

BG has significant experience in this field and has assisted numerous efforts to improve public expenditure control and accountability.

BG’s work with regard to public finance includes services concerning: