Policy Development

Policies ideally evolve from a thorough review of options and a phased determination of priorities and modalities, incorporating inputs from all stakeholders. Moreover, for policies to become effective, they need to be made operational within the context of limited resources, prevailing constraints and often slowly moving institutions.

For policies to be an adequate response to ever changing realities, they need to be constantly adapted and monitored in an efficient and responsive manner.

BG has been assisting in all phases of the policy development process and has worked closely with governments, specialized agencies and donor organizations in developing sector policies. It has provided a wide range of highly specialized expertise, but has also made available process facilitation skills and support for managing consultation and informing decision-making.

BG’s continuous presence in many countries and its association with local consulting companies, centres of excellence and specialized agencies make it possible to combine sophisticated international expertise with highly relevant local knowledge.

Among the services provided by BG in support of policy development are:

  • Improving the policy cycle management
  • Accelerating the policy learning process through participative reviews, seminars and policy monitoring systems
  • Twinning between sectoral agencies in different countries
  • Training and exposure tours for senior officials
  • Organization and facilitation of high-level decision making
  • Organization of consultation, conferences and workshops
  • Feasibility and identification studies
  • Feasibility and identification studies
  • Production of policy papers
  • Review of economic, social and political trade-offs between competing policies
  • Sectoral reviews to lay ground for policy-making by national governments and/or donor agencies