Coordination and Management of Aid Programmes

For effective planning, programming, management, implementation and use of public resources, governments must be able to coordinate and manage the process of identification, evaluation and selection of public investments. These investments are often co-financed by external agencies (in the form of grants or loans). Frequently additional demands are then exercised on existing procedures regarding the effectiveness, the efficiency and transparency of the decision process.

Governments often establish Project Management Units. The record of PMUs ranges from operational efficiency to institutional paralysis. Temporary and often artificial arrangements for channelling and monitoring foreign aid have helped to create transparency and modern management. They have, however, also undermined existing capabilities and the commitment of local public agencies.

During the last few years, BG has gained considerable experience in establishing, managing and strengthening PMUs,

BG has provided high calibre staff to assist donor agencies and recipient governments in all phases of the project-cycle, and to effectively transfer relevant skills and knowledge to local colleagues. Special attention has been given to issues of     gender, institutional development, sustainability and aid effectiveness.

  • Defining rules and procedures for the administration and management of public investments, including programmes financed by external resources
  • Assessing organizational and human resource needs in local institutions
  • Training of staff
  • Assistance in formulating a country strategy
  • Screening project requests, supervision and implementation
  • Assessing funding needs at community, departmental and ministerial levels
  • Developing guidelines and methodologies for design, planning and implementation of projects
  • Reviewing strategies, structures, systems and aid programmes of donor agencies