Technological Capabilities 

  • BG has invested intensively in its technology infrastructure
  • All our offices are linked via internet
  • Access to the world wide web allows us to acquire information from global databases
  • All our staff is highly technology conversant and supported by our sister IT division
  • All our software and hardware is regularly updated and we use only licensed products

Nationwide Coverage

We provide nation wide coverage for all the fieldwork conducted by our team members.  Our teams are based in all the capitals of the four provinces and other major towns of the country. In addition, we maintain a comprehensive roster of consultants in other areas of specialization.

BG team enjoys the following competitive advantages:

  • BG has massive experience in the field of management consultancy.
  • BG has extensive experience in human resource management and development services and is also a service provider to the financial services sector as indicated in the credentials.
  • BG has the successful experience of Training in agriculture and social sector and has successfully conducted many TOT programmes for large public sector organization.
  • BG has positioned itself to be a leading Management consulting firm in the country.
  • BG brings a deep understanding of the needs and processes of the financial sector in Pakistan on the basis of its pre-existing relationship with some of the leading financial institutions in the country.
  • Offices are located at all major cities of the country and thus the firm is in a good position to serve clients at various locations.
  • BG provides all the Management consultancy related services under one roof.
  • Seasoned professionals each with over twenty years experience gained in international corporate environments.
  • Experience of working with senior, international management teams to incorporate human resource strategies with the overall business strategy.