Education is an essential instrument for poverty alleviation and social equity as well as for achieving long-term goals of economic competitiveness. The need for education sector restructuring to meet these challenges is obvious. A gradual shift from project support to programme and sector approaches requires different types of competencies throughout the project cycle.

Modalities need to be designed and implemented in order to provide incentives for public institutions to diversify their sources of funding and to closely link government funding with performance. Consequently, oversight bodies need to be strengthened to implement and monitor transparent mechanisms for the allocation of public education budgets, restructuring financial assistance systems and strengthening managerial capacities of education and training institutions. There is a need for quality improvement and the establishment of accreditation and performance assessment systems.


BG has always had a good track record in project-related training, but through in-house capacity and networking with universities and research and development institutions it is increasingly positioning for large-scale basic education, higher education and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) projects.

  • Support to sector policy reforms in higher education, vocational education and training, primary and secondary education
  • Sector wide support to institutional development and financial restructuring
  • Implementation, quality control and backstopping of large-scale projects
  • In-company expertise for system design, civil works and procurement, Management Information Systems, policy studies, evaluation and strategic planning
  • Expertise with affiliated partners related to pedagogic improvement, teacher/instructor training, curriculum and textbook development and educational finance
  • Vocational training and counseling
  • VET financing
  • Evaluation of VET programmes